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Maths Game

We won an 'Enterprising Business Award' and with the Prize Money we decided to have a maths game developed. We are numbers  people, and we want to help other people - especially children - to develop their numeracy skills, so that they find maths fun and easy.  The maths game is called 'Making Numbers Fun!'

The maths game is aimed at 5-11 year olds and helps them with their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Alongside the game, the new & improved version includes 200 worksheets and videos.

Download your FREE maths worksheets for 5-6 yrs, 7-9 yrs, 9-11 yrs.

Read Metro Article here - entitled "Britain has turned into the thick man of Europe" dated 8 Dec 2010 - and how Britain is number 28 in the world league tables of Maths!

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