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SIM Card

Have you looked at your mobile phone expenses? One of the highest bills we've ever seen was £207 (one month).

If you want a better deal, look at our SIM-only offers. You can keep your existing number, if you want.

Get Your FREE SIM here:

Once you receive your SIM, you can activate it and choose your tariff. You'll be able to make calls within the hour.

  • There are 4 tarriffs you can choose from.
  • There is no 'contract'. Its SIM only.

Note, for an extra £1.50 per month, there is a BUDGET CONTROL option - which means that you will NOT go over your tariff. This is ideal for parents who are paying for their children's mobiles, and want that added peace of mind... And for business owner/managers who give their staff a mobile.

So, e.g. Go for the Value 300 - With a budget control its £7.50 + £1.50 = £9.00 per month... you get 300 minutes, 1,000 texts and the peace of mind of knowing - no nasty shocking bills are in store.

Calls are itemised on your bill (ideal if you want to see who has been they text / called) - this is something other pay as you go mobiles can't do.

You can keep your existing number if you wish.